Access to childcare

Why we're campaigning

While many parents with disabled children juggle jobs with complex care arrangements against the odds, too often they are forced to cut hours or give up careers due to childcare problems.

Although there is a noticeable political focus on childcare more generally, the issue of childcare for disabled children remains neglected. 

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Childcare trap - CTC

See our childcare affordability trap summary poster [PDF].

What we want

  • Disabled children to be able to access childcare that helps them to progress, learn and make friends, and enables their mums and dads to work as much as they want.
  • The cap on eligible childcare costs for disabled children via tax credits and Universal Credit to be lifted to £300.
  • No disabled child to be stopped from accessing their free early years entitlement at two, three and four years of age.
  • Childcare providers and local authorities to work together to offer good quality, flexible childcare for every disabled child.
  • Information to enable families to make choices about the childcare available to them locally that meets their individual needs.

What we're doing

  • Our Counting the Costs campaign is calling on the UK government to increase help towards childcare costs for disabled children via tax credits, Universal Credit and the tax free childcare scheme.

What we've achieved

  • The tax free childcare scheme extended to recognise the higher childcare costs that many families with disabled children face (the first time extra childcare costs have been recognised in policy). Find out more in this tax free childcare scheme news story.

What you can do

  • Email if you have a story to tell or would be interested in challenging a childcare decision through the courts.
  • If you're able to, please consider making a donation so we can continue our life-changing campaign work.