Stigma and discrimination

Illegal exclusions

Falling through the net-a report on illegal exclusions in England and Wales 2013

Illegal exclusions are unlawful - even with parents' consent. A child can only be legally excluded from school for disciplinary reasons. A headteachers must formally tell a parents that their child will be excluded by giving them details in writing.

Based on our experience of working alongside families with disabled children, Contact a Family knows that illegal exclusions are common. We wanted to find out more - how often do illegal exclusions happen and what's the impact of family life? This report provides a summary of survey findings based on the experiences of 404 parent carers.


Bullying of children with disabilities and special educational needs in schools 2011

This paper is part of a suite of briefings for school leaders, teachers and policy makers emerging from the current work of the Anti-Bullying Alliance in conjunction with Contact a Family's research.