New Contact a Family volunteer roles - Online Host and Befrienders

Are you looking for a way to support other parents and share some of your experience to help others? If so, then maybe you are just the right person to be a Host or a Befriender for the Contact a Family online community.

From the start, the community has been shaped by and for parents and these roles are a chance for you to take a more active role in shaping it.

What is a Host?

Hosts oversee a particular topic, discussion or condition group. They are there to welcome parents and to reply if noone else does. Hosts should look to post themselves with recommendations for support, research they have heard about and website links to helpful advice.

Being a Host is your chance to make the most of a particular area of experience that you have picked up on your journey.

What is a Befriender?

We want the community to be a lively, friendly place with a warm, welcoming culture. That is where Befrienders come in.

Befrienders will be there to greet new members and to look out for discussions they can engage with and people they can help. They will be active participants looking to make the community work for everyone.

What's involved?

Being an online volunteer should not take up lots of extra time or effort and it is a good place to start engaging more actively with parents online.

This might be a good role for you if you spend a lot of time online or if you want to support other parents but aren't sure where to start. It might suit you if you have a little more spare time than you used to and have experiences you want to use to support other parents.

And what's in it for you?

  • Getting community volunteer experience for your CV.
  • Using your own experience to help others.
  • Helping us develop support that works for you.
  • Helping us to support and connect more families.
  • Telling us how we can support your local group, support service or blog.

If this sounds like something for you, fill in the form below and we'll be in touch!