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Your views on exclusions needed

Thursday 23rd March 2017

Last week, the Department for Education launched a consultation on changes to the statutory guidance on the exclusion of pupils in England.

What does the statutory guidance say?

Statutory guidance sets out what schools and local authorities must do to comply with the law.

A child can only be legally excluded from school for disciplinary reasons. A head teacher must formally tell parents that their child will be excluded by giving them details in writing. Any other exclusions are illegal. Our research, Falling through the net [PDF], found that disabled children are routinely illegally excluded from school. Almost a quarter (22 per cent) of those are illegally excluded every week.

What changes is the government proposing?

The aim of the changes to the guidance is to make the rules that apply to exclusions and the process clearer to headteachers, governing bodies, academy trusts and local authorities.

The changes the government is proposing through this consultation are fairly limited in scope, and it has said it is not seeking views on the exclusion system.  However, this consultation is still a good opportunity for parents and local groups and parent carer forums to share their views.

For example: it would be useful to get your views on the non-statutory guide for parents (See Annex C - pages 58-62). Is this clear? Would it have been helpful to have a similar guide for families with disabled children? Should any other questions be covered? Does the guide accurately represent parents' rights?

Take part in the consultation

To share your views in the consultation, go to  https://consult.education.gov.uk/school-absence-and-exclusions-team/statutory-exclusion-guidance/

You can view the draft statutory guidance, including the parent's guide [PDF].

We will also be responding to this consultation. To let us know your views, please contact una.summerson@cafamily.org.uk or ring 020 7608 8742.

The consultation closes at 11:45pm on 25 April 2017.

Need advice on exclusions?

If you think your child may have been illegally excluded or you need advice on the exclusion process, visit our exclusion webpage or contact our helpline.